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The water pump in my 76 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow blew and

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The water pump in my '76 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow blew and forced the fan into the radiator...and water into the engine. Heat has possibly damaged the likely suspects as well like ignition wires, belts, hoses, etc. Since parts are pricey, which would you replace with original? rebuild? And what would you place on your "essential" list vs "it would be a good idea..."? And what would be you best guess for a repair cost?

HiCustomer my name isXXXXX and I can help you with this.


I like your car even if the parts are pricey.


If I remember your model has two Amal Carbs on it and uses Mineral Oil as engine and Air Ride lube and it has a $4500 Ignition switch assembly.


Been there and done that.


Because your engine is a Hybrid, it is some of this and some of that. The block is Cad, the carbs are English and all of it is expensive with lower ball joints at over $85 wholesale and suspension modules at over $250 each.


My advice is to have the radiator re-cored, replace the water pump, with the 500 cid series one that it came with it, if you can find one outside of RR.


The fan is probably ruined so that also will need to be replaced but you may be lucky with the other stuff you mentioned.


Let me know if there's anything more I can do, or if I missed something, and


Thanks for using Just Answer


John D


Because you mentioned ONLY ESSENTISAL parts, they will all need to either be thoroughly inspected for damage or replaced outright.


Any wet wiring will need to be dried, probably already done, and the contaminated oil replaced with a new oil filter. Are those filter elements still @12?


A tune up will be necessary and a new set of points/rotor and condensor may be needed as well. They aren't indicated and these engines seem to last for ever but only when they are taken care of.


You also mentioned "Water in the Engine".


This is a little scary since there is no direct path for water to enter the engine unless it enters thru the air intake or an opening thru the oil filler hole or a vacuum line.


Can you explain a little more here?


As to repair cost????


Not knowing the price of a new water pump or the damage to your radiator or the cost of new fan or the extent of the water polution I can't even make an educated guess, except to say, over $400 and maybe up to $900 for the parts, minimum for parts and fluids, etc., providing I have a complete parts list.


Knowing how water got into the engine is info I will want here.


Since your car is a year older than the EPA mandated emmissions stuff, that won't be needed, but there are a lot of unknowns here.


Since you're online, and there's info available today that wasn't available when I had mine you may be able to locate parts cheaper than I could in 97/98.





Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The estimate I got to repair the damage was $13,800 which included $4000 in labor. Parts were nearly $10,000. That's almost $15K with sales tax!

I can get the waterpump rebuilt for $400ish. New is $1400. They want $2000 for the radiator which can easily be rebuilt for $600. My head is spinning just thinking about how the other parts add up. How bad could a used fan clutch be? LOL!

I paid $9,600 for the car and could sell it for parts for the same...but the body and interior are in gorgeous condition. Even the amazing French suspension and most accessories work. So I would feel like a criminal killing her. But $15K?! Yikes. That would kill me! Not sure how the water got in either, but there is some tan frothy goo oozing out of the engine that I've seen after flooding conditions like hurricanes. Not as much froth as when it is literally pumped in during a major flood, but it could easily have been a gallon or so of water vapor sucked into the damaged air intake hose.

Following this mess, the next step is the eratic windows and door locks. Any thoughts on those would be appreciated as well.

Of thoughts, I have plentyCustomer


I can see prices have gone up since 98, and how.


I'd look around, spend some time at any dealer sites you can find and see if there are any other old RR sites out there where they may buy some parts. You might also check with the Canadian sites since RR used to be a nationalized auto mfg, lots of these were imported to Canada.


It would also be a good idea to do what ever work you feel you can handle.


Since a water pump is just a water pump and a hose or belt is just a belt and a Radiator is still just a radiator, you should be able to do this work yourself. The same with a tune up or oil change.


What I'm getting at is, I can beat any of the prices you got because, even if they are all padded, I can still get them cheaper if 'I LOOK AROUND'.


I remember pinning down a parts guy in Detroit one day and got the parts to fix my $4400 Ignition Switch assembly for a little over $55, and ove $35 a piece for each of thee rear equalizer assemblies for the rear suspension. I got the suspension lube and the engine oil special order thru my local parts house along with the filters..


That was then, now is now. I think I'd shop around, even if I had someone else do the work. But, maybe I'm just cheap.


Advice: Do what you need to now, to get your car cleaned up and running. Radiator, fan and stuff, water pump and any belts or hoses that look bad or feel spongy when squeezed, hoses, then I'd run it for awhile to see what begs for attention.


You may be lucky and the foam is just a little water comtamination and Re-Coring that big radiator may only cost you $200-$300 at a local shop, even with special order parts, just carry it in yourself, don't drive it in.


And changing a water pump, well you can take some before and after pics and do the job with the radiator at the shop and the fan and pulleys out of the way.


The pics can be for a pictoral history and for "well I thought this went here, but", just to keep you honest and you can always ask for a little help to get you thru the rough spots.


Getting any idea's yet?


I'm here just about any day, except next tuesday, so you can ask if you need help.


And, thanks for using Just Answer, Hope you had a good Easter.


John D

John D and 6 other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Many, many thanks. I ALWAYS forget to take pictures then fuss over where to put that extra screw. LOL! I don't believe you are at all cheap...especially compared to the idiot who didn't hire a tow truck when it was obviousy the best solution.

With any luck, I'll be coming back to ask you window questions...if I can get that far.

Happy Easter to you, too.

HeyCustomer any time I can save a dollar, I remember one thing from Poor Richard's Almanac, "A penny saved is a penny earned". My problem has always been, "Where'd I put the penny".


Believe, you'll get that far.


Happy Easter, and


Thanks for using Just Answer


John D


P.S. Before I can offer any hel with your door locks or window motors or switches, I'll need some detail about the problems you're having.


We'll look at that when you're ready to do something. For those you will need a Volt - Ohm meter. jdm