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Mirage: Yr. range 2001-2008

Resolved Question:

Hi, tomorrow, Iam looking for a good, used car. Definetly compact with good gas milage. Yr. range 2001-2008. I haven't decided yet on domestic or foriegn. I there a 3 Item or 5 item check list I should pay attention to to make sure it is mechanically sound??
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  mike replied 8 years ago.
Hi I would definetly go with foriegn. Honda , toyota , depending on how much you want to spend a hyundai also as new as you can get. They are a lot better than they use to be 2006 and up. Find something with the lowest milage. Ask the delaer for a carfax report most all good delaers already do this. Ask for maintaince records. Look for rust and mismatched paint or misaligned body panels to tell if it has been wrecked. Make sure it starts right up make sure it idles good. Take for a good test drive make sure transmission shifts good. Make sure all power componets work ck the a/c. Make sure it does not pull or shake or shimmy while driving. Ck the oil make sure it is clean. Ck the trans fluid see how it looks. Also most dealers do used car ck overs. And they have the documention showing what they fixed and did not fix. Thanks mike Good luck
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