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2002 MPV ES: Mazda..diagrams..the main cabin heater core

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Mazda 2002 MPV ES (106K)-Coolant leaking from 3 places on Coolant lines going to Rear Cabin Heater. Where can I obtain coolant line routing diagrams and procedures for replacing these lines. Alternatively, if I simply pinch the lines shut ahead of the most forward leak, will the main cabin heater core still get coolant and still operate properly. How are the plastic retainers removed? Are any special tools required for replacement? I'm the original owner, love this van, and had planned to keep it, but now am not sure. 106,000 miles.

Hello I will help you with your question,


Mazda has extended the warranty coverage to your heater pipes to 7 years from in service date. You may be covered for this If not Mazda has issued a TSB about this problem and has redesigned the material and protection of the coolant pipes So I will give you that if you are not covered. If you have rear AC the warranty time to replace the pipes is 4.7 hours with AC less if no AC. This is in a shop with a lift and full tool set.


The $1300 question is what is your inservice date?




Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks. Inservice date is July 2002, so I may be covered.
But, I'm sure the dealer will not be too happy.
Do you have the TSB number and date?

The dealer will be glad to see you as they get paid from Mazda so they will fill a service bay for a day!!


Here is the Campaign notice







For certain 2000-2003 MPV vehicles, the warranty coverage for the rear heater pipe and hose assembly is extended to 7 years from vehicle in-service date with no mileage limitation.


On certain 2000-2003 model year MPV vehicles, the accumulation of road salt may cause rust and corrosion to the rear heater pipe and hose assembly. If the rust and/or corrosion is severe, there is a possibility of an engine coolant leak.




Mazda will notify U.S. owners by first class mail beginning June 30, 2005. Owners will be advised they do not need to come in for inspection if their vehicle is functioning normally.




If repairs become necessary, repair information can be found in Service Bulletin 07-002/05 (Coolant Seepage From Rear Heater Pipe), issued June 17, 2005.

Note: Copies of SERVICE BULLETIN # XXXXX can be found on ESI and M-Store.


eMDCS System - Warranty Vehicle Inquiry Results






The TSB is refrenced in the service notice


Hope I just saved you lots of money and time


Let me know if you have questions


Thank you



George H. and 8 other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks, George. I authorized payment plus bonus.
I just contacted the dealer, gave him my VIN, and he said I am not covered!
VIN is JM3LW28J220307314. Purchase date July 2 2002, at Grappone Mazda in Concord, NH.
The TSB list of VINs covered starts with a Y. Does this mean that my vehicle is not covered?
The dealer told me to contact the Mazda rep, so that's my next step.

But, he said he had done this for a previous customer, with no help.

I may be stuck!



TSB: 07-003/06


NOTE :This bulletin replaces 07-002/05. Please update your records accordingly.



This bulletin supersedes 07-002/05, issued 06/17/05. The DESCRIPTION, REPAIR PROCEDURE, PARTS and WARRANTY INFORMATION have been revised.


2000-2001 MPV (equipped with rear heater) with VINs JM3 LW28**Y0100038 - 10214436 (built Mar. 31, 1999 through Aug. 8, 2003)

2002-2003 MPV (equipped with rear heater) with VINs JM3 LW28**20300025 - 30378937 (built Mar. 31, 1999 through Aug. 8, 2003)


During winter driving, water containing salt accumulates in the black plastic pipe cover and/or the brackets of the wheel housing. This may cause corrosion and perforation of the rear heater pipe resulting in coolant seepage from the rear heater pipe. To correct this concern, mass production has been changed as follows:

1.The material of the heater pipe has been changed from steel to aluminum.





Call Mazda at 1-800-222-5500 option #4 You are covered according to the bulletin as per the information and VIN coverage listed above. Don't take NO for an answer


Let me know what happens and thank you for the accept and bonus. Your dealer must have been asleep this morning

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks. I spoke with a Mazda rep at that number and he initially took a negative attitude, saying the TSB was not a warranty, and that neither the dealer nor Mazda was reponsible.
After I told him about the letter which states "...Warranty Extension Program SSP 65", and " mileage limitation" he agreed to contact his field rep and would get back to me.
If the document you sent me has any official Mazda letterhead, it would be helpful.
Also, my VIN has 9 digits after the letter J, and those in the TSB only have 8, which is a little confusing.
Thanks. I will advise on the rep's reponse.

The VIN in the letter has a placeholder (*) to make the extra digit The VIN range is from


JM3LW28 ** letter range

JM3LW28J2 your vin



20300025 to

30378937 Your VIN is


20307314 clearly within the VIN range




There is no Official Mazda letterhead but it is filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) so it is on record with the government and Mazda cannot deny that they issued this warranty extension


Here is the Dealer letter and the reimbursment letter







If they screw around any more let them know that you are calling Mazda and Michael J Giblin if he is still in North American Operations.


This is all public knowledge so they can't hide from their obligation


Let me know how it goes and don't give up on them


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks again, George, and thanks for the encouragement.
I do not intend to let them off the hook on this. This last input in pareticular seems strong enough to convince most anyone.
If I do get them to do this repair on their nickel, I will be more than happy to give you another bonus.

You are a good man, George.
No further bonus is required or expected, I am rewarded enough to hear that you are not going to let them weasel out of their obligation to repair your vehicle. If you have any further questions on this or any other matter please use our service. Thanks for using JA!!