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Oldsmobile: driving my car down the sreet..headlights..stereo shut off

Customer Question

I own an Oldsmobile 87 Delta 88. I was driving my car down the sreet and it just died on me, the headlights dimmed and the stereo shut off. I turned it over, it fired up, and then died right away. I did that two more times. The third time I did it, it stayed running long enough to get it to a friends house about 5minutes away. Once I got to her house, it shut off on me again. I tried it a few times more, and it just kept starting, and then dieing. And yes, it has plenty of gas. Do you know what it could be?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  bryang replied 8 years ago.
Hi sadieblu87. If your headlights dimmed and radio turned off then it sounds like you have a alternator problem. It is a little strange that you got it going again, but the headlights dimming and radio shutting off sounds like the alternator is not charging properly. There is a quick way you can check if the battery is being charged, put a volt meter on the two battery terminals and start the vehicle [if it will] the voltage should go up to around 13.5-14v.

I hope I have been helpful,
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I was also told that it could be the control module. Do you think it could be that?
Expert:  bryang replied 8 years ago.
I would have the alternator tested first, it's the most common problem, if the alternator checks out okay then look at the control module.