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2002 escalade: 4wd..front wheels..parking space..134,000 miles.

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2002 escalade 4wd, feels like front wheels "skipping" when turning sharply ineo parking space. 134,000 miles.
Does this almost feel like the front wheels are binding when making tight turn as you have mentioned?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

yes, and I replaced tires with a Firestone tire with harder rubber that actually made the skipping / binding worse.

Years ago had a GMC Jimmy with locking hubs. Feels just like when forgetting to unlock hubs on dry pavement.

Does the binding feeling seem to come from the rear of the vehicle, or the front? Is there a noticeable noise coming from any of the wheels at this point when turning sharply?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
front only.
Ok, thanks for that. I just wanted to make sure as I have seen some case of rear diff problems cause similar troubles. As far as your problem is concerned, there is a gm bulletin regarding this problem. Testing for this is rather simple. Place the automatic transmission in park or if equipped with a manual transmission shift to reverse. Raise the vehicle and attempt to spin either prop shaft by hand. If the prop shafts cannot be rotated by hand, remove the transfer case and inspect the lock up mode shift fork assembly for being damaged. A damaged fork assembly could cause the transfer case to be in lock up mode at all times. Feel free to contact me with any questions, findings or further troubles! Good luck!
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