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A resent factory recall..control arm..belt

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I have a 2006 Maserati Quatroporte with 8500 miles. During a resent factory recall for possible torsion bar control arm coupling problem, the dealer made note that both factor issued rear tiers were worn down to the steel belt only on the the inside of the tiers. When questioned about this condition the dealer said, that no problem was found with recall items and that the tier wear was normal for this car. My question is: is the tier wear as noted above normal and will I be looking to replace the rear tiers appox every 8000 miles or so, or is the rear suspension alignment not ajusted correctly and should this be covered under warrenty?   Thankyou
The rear wheel alignment on these cars is such that there is over one degree of negative camber (meaning the top of the tire is tilted inward) built into the rear suspension. This, combined with very soft extreme performance tires, and significant engine power/torque, 8000 miles is VERY typical tire wear on these cars. We work on 2 Quattroportes and 2 Gran Sports, and I'm replacing tires on them between 5 and 9k miles on average.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

can the negative camber be set to a zero chamber that will allow even wear of the tire and will a harder rubber tier be better?

If the rear is set to zero camber, it will be out of factory specification, and not pleasant to drive. Long ago, early Acura NSX owners asked the same question due to rear tire wear of about 2500-5000 miles. A few tried going close to zero, and the car was almost dangerous to drive.

The last Quattroporte I replaced tires on was an '07, and we ended up going with BFGoodrich g-Force TA KDW2's. They have a slightly higher treadwear rating, but even with these, I'd be surprised to see more than 8-10k before the rears are unuseable.

So, my recommendations: don't change the alignment angles beyond suggested, and go with the tires I mentioned above.
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