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1984 Olds Cutlass: gear shifter..steering column..idiot..gear selector

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I have a 1984 Olds Cutlass Cia., and the gear shifter is on the floor rather that the steering column. To make a long story short, it was broken into and the idiot theif destroyed the column to where he could not even start it to steel it.   Well, the gear selector is frozen, but I cannot remember if that is from the ignition being off, as I am hazy on the '80's. I picked up a 'reused' column but when I recieved it, I noticed it had a gear selector on the column. THis should not be a problem, considering the column shifter will not be hooked up, correct? One other question, It has a 309 in it, which was created as a de-tuned V*... Is it a candidate for a major HP overhaul... If so, any tips?



The other column should work fine but you may have to take the shift lever out of it for it to turn freely. There is actually a cable that goes from the floor shifter to the steering column and pushes or pulls the column shift collar to shift the transmission, you'll see it when you drop the old column out. The shifter does lock out if the ignition switch is off on your car too, i think that started in the late 70's.


as far as the engine in your car. Performance parts are a bit hard to get, but not impossible. the quickest way to really wake it up is going to be cam, intake, and heads swap but you might find it cheaper to drop in a built the 5.0 engine was never a real runner even hopped up.

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