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2002 saturn: secuity light comes..crank sensor..used bcm..flashed

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I have a 2002 saturn L 200.Car will not start all the time.Sometimes it will.The secuity light comes on sometimes but not always.Have replaced crank sensor,but to no avail.Bought a used bcm ,but problems still happens .The tech. says he re flashed the b c m .Now my milage is wrong and key fobs do not work .Spoke with a saturn dealer and he said only a dealer could reflash and could not use a replacement part other than a saturn one for about $600.00.Can a used one from a car with 34000 miles work and be reflashed from the dealer? Any help
A BCM will lock after 5 key cycles and will not allow itself to be reprogramed-BUT if the tech at the dealership is sharp it can be done-it takes a phone call in and the techline people that right the programing for it can over ride that command.You second problem is with just programing that vevicle and again it has to be called in to tech line and teh vin altered from a s to a c and to a j body.I doubt that your going to find some one since I was the only one for over a hundred miles that could get a 02 saturn to program and that was at the dealer level
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I spoke with a saturn person today,They said it maybe in the ignition.The guy said I could not reflash the old one.One said it maybe the ignition module.It is so irratic that it will not act up for days and then it will not start ,until it sits for 5 mins.I put it on a snap on motis ,scanner and a :B: code showed up,but it will not pick it up unless it is acting up.I just hate to spend money for something every one tells me differently.every thing else runs great ,just have to let it sit for 5 mins before it starts.Lights ,guages and all the interier things work fine .Any other advise?
Now your getting me involded in some ones guessing game-#1-bcms go bad #2 a used bcm can be programed if you find a capabile tech-I have done it #3 programing that bcm for your car is a chore to begin with as there is a trick to it #4-yes the passlock sensors and ignition switches go bad and that would make it not start and also would set a code in teh bcm and pcm.Some one is throwing parts-guessing and then on top of it not doing the job right on the part they replaced-BCM- and if thats not programed right no mater what you do that is going to cause problems weather or not that was the problem-they just added a new on to it.Get the bcm strightened out then check the power feeds and battery connections before replacing the ignition switch-and that means the terminals for pin retention at the connectors also.
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