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What are the differential types of a Hummer H3 I have put

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What are the differential types of a Hummer H3 ? I have put 35.4inch tyres on and need to gear it down. From what I have found out the front is a Dana Spicer 35 and the rear is a GM 10 bolt. Is that right? Where can I get gear ratios like 4.88:1 or 5.16:1 ? . I think the question is directed to mastertechtim, but anybody's answer would be welcome.

Hey my name is XXXXX XXXXX im here to help. here is the information you seek.


Front differential- GM 7.6" ring gear 10 bolt cover

bolts 10-3/8x24LH

carrier breaks-3.08 and 3.23

spline count 1.438/27

no pinion support


Rear differential- GM 8 inch ring gear 10 bolt cover 28 spline axles c clips

bolts 10-7/16x20LH

carrier breaks -3.08 and 3.31

spline count 1.438/25

no pinion support


Not sure what you are refering to by slower gears


But remember in aXXXXXvehicle your front and rear gear ratios need to be the same or extremely close so that damage does not occur to the transfer case.


what needs to be done is look on the marking tabs on both of your differential covers and there will be numbers that closely resembly the carrier brake numbers but they will not have a decimal.


check out


you will be able to find exaclty what you need there. good luck with your vehicle!



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
By slower gears I mean a 4.88 or 5.16 ratio.