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2003 Ford Explorer one window will not roll up and the motor is ok.

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2003 Ford Explorer one window will not roll up and the motor is ok.
HelloXXXXX Thanks for using JustAnswer. What happens when you try to roll your window up? Do you hear the motor running, and it does not move, or do you just hear the motor stalling out. Let me know and we can try to figure this out.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
There is no noise. Could it be a fuse? It is not off the track .
How have you determined the motor is OK?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The guy who checked it said it was not the motore. Could it be a fuse.?
It is unlikely to be a fuse as the system is all fused together and each motor has a circuit breaker built into it. A few questions: Is this a two door or a four door Explorer, and which window is it you are having the problem with? Do you know how the person who checked it found it was not a motor? What did he think the problem was?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It is the right passenger side door. My car is a 4 door and I am the only owner. I have no idea how he made the judgement. If it is the motor how much? He said it could be the switch on the driver door or the one on the passenger door????
It looks like the motor is around $130-150 plus around an hour to install it approximately. The only way to determine the problem is to use a voltage meter to check for voltage to the motor and at the switches. The way the system works is all the windows are controlled through the master switch on the drivers door. If there is a problem with that switch it can keep any or all of the windows from working. Each individual door also has a switch, and if that switch is defective it can keep the master switch from controlling it also. The other variable I will throw in here is the wires that go to each door pass from the body to the door near the door hinge. After years of flexing back and forth those wires can break and cause the identical problem.Unfortunatally the only way to determine the problem is to check voltage at each component. I do not know what your level of experience and tools are to tackle this problem. One thing you can try is to just wiggle each switch around in the up position, try pressing it up hard, but be careful not to break it. If you can get it to go up at all, your problem is probably the switch. Also try holding the switch in the up position and opening and closing the door. If this makes it work you probably have a broken wire.<br />If I have helped you with your problem please click accept. If you have more questions please respond. Thank You.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I hear some click when i hit the ( up ) but nothing happens..
Good MorningXXXXX If you are getting a click I suspect the switch is working. The next step would be to see if power is actually getting to the motor. Do you have a voltmeter? What will need to be done is the switch and/or door panel will need to be removed and you will need to check for voltage. Let me know if you want to dig into it that deep. It is hard to give you exact info on removing the door panel, as every year/make/model is different.

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