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A check engine light, said it was an O2 Sensor..diagnostic..gears

Resolved Question:

Had a check engine light, said it was an O2 Sensor on the diagnostic. The light went away so can't check to see which of the 3 sensors it was. Now my van randomly shakes in idle, 1st and lower 2nd gears. Also when I am soming to a start. It is the worst when the engine is cold. Almost to the point of undrivable. Just changed the oil this weekend and now there is a loud ticking in the motor. When we started the van to circulate the new oil I just happen to walk behind my van and noticed the muffler was shaking and there was a rumbling sound kind of like it was missing but it's not. It almost sounded like it wanted to stall out. I need help! I have a 2004 Mazda MPV
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  hemimstrmax replied 8 years ago.
hi and welcome to JA, has anyone checked the oil to see if there is coolant in it from a possible head gasket leak, the only reason i am suggesting this , is beacuse of the mutiple issues your describing, if u get a head gasket leak and coolant flows into the oil , u will geta ticking sound from the engine lifters because it has thined out the oil, there fore not pumping up and retianing the presure the lifters need, aslo u said your fan has been running more than usuall, wich usually means vehicle is runnig warmer than usual. ... here is what i recommend, first check to see if your coolant level is full, is not, have a pressure check dune on coolant system to see if it bleeeds down, if it does you have a coolant leak somewhere, check you oil level, and look at it to see if it looks milky or excesivly thin, if it is, you probabaly have a headgasket leak, wich would explain alot of the trouble u have been having
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