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1995 Oldsmobile achieva: cylinder..(wont start..hill..antifreeze

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We bought a 1995 Oldsmobile achieva 4 cylinder for my daughter and it misses sputters and often won't idle - that is when it actually starts (won't start under 40 degrees). Goes up hill at 3 miles per hour. Constantly needs antifreeze. Husband has replaced the two coil packs on top of engine, fuel filter, spark plugs, starter, thermostat and has had the ignition module tested. Looking for suggestions...
Are you looking for a $15 suggestion ??
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am new to "just". If you are asking if I will pay $15 for the answer/suggestion to our problem then the answer is "yes".
Ok-glad to help but got a couple questions for you. First I would like to know what the plugs,fuel and fuel filter looked like after you removed them. Were the plugs discolored,damaged,etc? Was there alot of trash coming from inside the fuel filter? Was the fuel clear with a strong gas smell? Does the check engine light come on or flash? If so ,by chance have any codes been pulled? What is the oil level and condition? Are there obvious coolant leaks anywhere? Do you smell coolant anywhere? Does your window fog or floorboards seem wet or damp? Has the fuel pressure and compression been checked? If not ,could you?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I don't knowthe answer to some of your questions because my husband did the work. I know he just replaced the spark plugs and said that they really needed changed - same with the fuel filter. He didn't say anything about the condition. I know when the car is left running (warming up in the morning) you can smell gas and antifreeze. The check engine light doesn't come on or flash - my husband has checked the codes and it isn't "throwing" any codes at this time. He just changed the oil and filter not too long ago and I think he said there was antifreeze in the oil (I could be wrong about this) - I know he said there is oil in the air filter (odd). No obvious coolant leaks, only when left running or after driving you can smell the anitfreeze. Before he changed the thermostat he mention the fogging windows and wet floorboards - but I am not sure if that is still occuring. The other thing he has mention is there is a lot of exhaust when left running. I hope this is enough information to answer your questions.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Just realized I didn't answer all questions - the fuel pressure and compression has not been checked - not sure if he has the tool necessary to check it. I would have to check with him. The other thing he said is that two of the spark plugs aren't firing...

Ok- without a compression test I cannot be 100%,but I'd bet the farm you have white smoke and this is situation is only gonna get better if you stop the internal engine coolant leak. It is most likely an intake or head gasket,worse sinarios would be a warpeded or cracked head or block. Fix this leak and most of your other conditions will likely be taken care of to. But do not forget to fix the cooling problem if it wasn't the thermostat because overheating likely caused this damage.Good luck and hopefully its only a gasket.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for the quick response - we hope it is only a gasket too!
your welcome....