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Bulb..all other lights work

Resolved Question:

1988 944...both tailights out. bulb and fuse are fine. all other lights work...
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  mrfixitrick replied 8 years ago.
Is it a 1998 or 1988 model 944? (both are mentioned)

I would suspect a wire connector to the rear taillight wiring is corroded or disconnected.

Did you check for power at the taillight fuse when running lights are turned on?
If not, try that first. You will need a 12-volt test light or meter. The test light is easier and cheaper if you have to buy one or the other. Ground the negative lead to a chassis groung and test for power at both sides of the fuse with the + lead probe or the point of the test light.

What easy-to-see wires were checked? Can you check them with a 12-volt test light after the fuse power has been checked?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

It is a 1988...

I will check fuse power tommorrow.

There is a wire pack that appears to feed the tail, brake and side running lights in rear.

Will try to check power there also.

Expert:  mrfixitrick replied 8 years ago.
Good plan. Let me know how it goes. There may be a bad ground at the back, so make sure a test light has a good solid ground connection before checking the tail light circuit power.

Also, I believe there is a wiring harness ground connection at the rear near the left rear taillight. Check it for corrosion. It's very likely that the ground connection for the taillights is bad at that point. Are the rear side marker lights out, too? They are on the same power and ground circuit as the tail lights.

The tail lights, and side markers, should have brown wires for grounds and green wires for power.

From the wiring diagram I looked at, there are two fuses that control the real tail fuse for each side. They "might" be 8 amp fuses # XXXXX and #14.

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