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BMW: business as a used car dealer for four years &..Audi..VW

Customer Question

I have been in business as a used car dealer for four years & have been farming out all of my repairs. Now I have reached a level that I have hired a part time mechanic to fix my cars. Let the fun begin, 60% of my inventory is european (Audi, VW & BMW ) 25% is Asian and 15% american. My mechanic tells me to get the OTC 3696AIEU for 2200.00. Now, you might be asking yourself what do I repair ? EVERYTHING = abs, airbags, all engine dtc... Body/Conv features. Now, I have heard rave reviews on the Genisys/OTC, but is it as good as a VAG COM - Ross Tech software for Audi/VW -- or Car Soft for BMW- MER-BENZ. The million dollar question is, do I buy an OTC scanner or do i buy perpriatary software like VAG COM - CAR SOFT ?? I have never used either one and I certantly do not want to buy both... I'm sure the OTC sales rep is going to tell me their scanner does everything, but, when I see clean finger nails, I get worried, lol.... Does anybody have any experience using both ?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  rpmdiag replied 8 years ago.

Hi poshmotocars,


All the tools you mentioned are good tools and pricey. I am an Instructor, and I also teach classes for OTC, Snapon and AE.


You may want to look into the AE (Auto Enginuity) for many needs. I have the PRO-LINE which gives me ALL domestic and asian. The Euro's are a little more, but you can get the whole ball of waf for about 1500. I'm also a distributor for them as well. The update for the pro Lin e is 100 per year. The added Euro's is another 100. No ones updates are that cheap. It's laptop based and the updates come quarterly.