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99 Saab: speeds of about 40 mph or more, the whole front end..Braking

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99 Saab 9 3 SE. Through curves to the left or right at speeds of about 40 mph or more, the whole front end shakes pretty violently. Braking and reduction of the turn stops it. Additionally, it seems to vibrate like unbalanced tires while excelerating, smooth as glass on the straight highways once 70 mph is achieved a held. A front end alignment/brake/tire shop inspected all of the front end linkage and could not find anything loose. But they also said they don't know much about Saabs
Rotate your tires front to back and recheck. Also the drive axle inner C/V joint could be going. But I would rotate the tires first. Thanks, Joe
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
If it is the drive axle inner c/v joint, am I going to need to take it to a Saab dealer, or would there be another way to find a qualified mechanic to fix it? I can give you a small bonus, but it won't be a lot. We start back to work March 10 after our layoff last December.
Call around to local shops. It is not that complicated to replace a drive axle. If you have air tools you can do it yourself. You can even shop around for the part. It is usually cheaper to replace the entire axle assy. Thanks, Joe