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Isuzu Pickup: 2.3L..correct timing set?

Customer Question

I have an Isuzu Pickup 93 2.3L 2bbl that is having an issue when it comes to setting the timing. First off, I have heard to set this thing top dead center to one, then I have heard top dead center to four. What is the correct timing set? Secondly, and more importantly, why would my firing order on the distributor be going backwards. My distributor rotation firing order should be counterclockwise, however it is clockwise. How do I get this thing running?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Anthony replied 8 years ago.
Definately done with no 4 up and and aligned to the mark on the distributor. If it dosent work the first time try putting it back in exactly turned half of a turn or 180 degrees. The firing order on the cap is right.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks Anthony, Thanks for the firing order info. However on the Timing Set I must ask...Are you sure?

We have had the timing set, got it running, however quite rough. Rough enough to throw the timing belt. Our Haynes Manual says No 1 and so soes Autozone. Please refer to link.


What I find interesting at the autozone site is the difference it states in the 86-92 series 2.3L engines (note between #3 & 4 in italics - With the timing marks aligned, the engine is positioned on the TDC of the No. 4 cylinder's compression stroke.) and the 93-96 series 2.3L engines (#8 Rotate the crankshaft to set the engine at TDC/compression for the No. 1 cylinder. The arrow mark on camshaft sprocket aligns with mark on the rear timing cover.). Ours is the '93 2.3L, and according to both references, should be set at one.

What is the difference between the two years that would make both of these references be off? We did set it on one previously, and we are ready to try four, but as you can imagine, we really don't want to have to get back in here to fix another timing belt and just want to be 100% sure we are setting it right, the ONE time. You know what I mean?

All the info and time you have is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.