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Escort: 4x4..gearbox..all gears but it wont move!! the clutch arm

Resolved Question:

hi, im having trouble with my mk6 escort rs2000 4x4, last night while slowing down i went from 5th to 1st accidently only around 15mph, but a loud whine was emitted from the gearbox as i let off the clutch, then i put it into 3rd but lost all drive and now i can select all gears but it wont move!! the clutch arm on top of the box still works fine, there are no grinding noise's. when the car is lifted off the ground, and LH front wheel spun, the RH wheel turns opposite as normal but one wheel can be chocked and the opposite wheel will still turn. any ideas??
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Matt replied 8 years ago.

Presumably when you've got both wheels off the ground and are trying to turn them by hand you also got the car in gear?

If so this sounds like either the clutch plate is broken or a drive shaft joint is broken or the ring gear on the differential is broken.

I would say its most likely to be the driveshaft
If the coupling is broken there may be enough left to transmit drive by hand but not full engine power, a close inspection of each joint should tell you if any of them are at fault.

Also If there is an inspection plate on the transmission bellhousing it would be worth removing that so you can get a small mirror in there and see if any damage is present to the clutch plate or any debris inside the bellhousing.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i have inspected the drive shafts and they are fine, both wheels turn opposites even when out of gear
Expert:  Matt replied 8 years ago.
Ok if the driveshafts are fine and the wheels are turning in opposite directions then the diff is probably Ok as well.

That leaves the clutch as the prime suspect, if there is a way of viewing the clutch plate, then do so but if you've lack of drive and the hydraulics seem fine then I'm afraid the next point is to remove the gearbox so you can get to the clutch.
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