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Vue: extended warranty..slipping..the freeway..traffic

Resolved Question:

I had an extended warranty on my Vue. In November of 2008 the VTI transmission was slipping on the freeway once every 10 days. I had to coast through traffic to the side through 5 lanes of traffic! After it sits for 5 minutes, it starts working again. I took in it to the dealer. The warranty company sent out the adjuster to drive it. They say they could''nt make it fail in the test drive, so they wouldn''t cover repair. Now my extended warranty is up, and it fails every week or so. I''m going to have to mothball it to keep it under 125000 until this suit is settled. I''m reading on other sites that all the dealers are doing is at MOST replacing with the same crappy transmission. You''d think that they would have just designed a replacement regular automatic to drop would cost them less than the crap storm that they face now.   What is Saturn's response to customers going to be when this is settled?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  importdoctor replied 8 years ago.

Hello and thank you for using just answer. I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. I worked for saturn for several years and have dealt with these transmisson issues, Saturn was GM's experiment company for the variable transmission, as you know if failed miserably and saturn only had it in production for 2 years before discontinuing. A lot of the ones that were produced were either bought back or repaired several times while under warranty.

Yes you could install a regular automatic transmission in this vehicle however it's not as simple as it sounds, to accomplish this you would have to replace a lot more then just the transmission since it's all electronically controlled. By the time you swap wiring harness, computer, linkage, mounts, etc, etc.....this would be an incredible cost to accomplish. My recommendation on swaps such as this has always been to find a salvaged vehicle that you can swap parts from if you are going to have it done to reduce cost. To answer your last question, saturn was very good about responding to the variable transmission issues while the cars were still under warranty, being 6 years old there is nothing they can or will do now. From what I have heard they have limited parts availability on these units now as well.

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