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Jay, ASE Certified Technician
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1996 Isuzu trooper: 121,000 miles on it..bearings..ball joints..axles

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Hello, My name is XXXXX XXXXX Chicago,IL. I have a double question, I have a 1996 Isuzu trooper with 121,000 miles on it. I just had the front bearings repacked and sealed, ball joints replaced and two new axles. For some reason I can not seem to get the grinding sound out of the front drivers wheel when i am pulling off from a stand still position and when I am coming to a stop(I can feel a vibration underneath my feet when I am driving corresponding with the lound grind, humming sound). I have tried to have the hub bearing tightened up but the grinding sound will not go away - should I replace the Hub bearing assembly? By the way I have 31x10.5 tires on this vehicle. Last issue is my fuel light, ABS and rear ABS light and sometime check engine light stays on in my dashboard, I just installed a new alternator and the lights are still on. I also have to mention that sometimes the amp meter in the dash will go below 12 - it appears to affect the trans when this happens. I would appreciate any help that you can offer as a professional. Thank you
Hello and thank you for using

Was the noise in the front end there before you had the work? Has the noise changed at all after the work was done, if it was there before?

As for the second part of your question. The fuel guage light coming on, and the check engine light coming on, could be a fuel level sensor problem. The ABS and Rear ABS light coming on, would indicate that there is a problem in the ABS system. It will generate a code which would out line what problem the ABS control unit is seeing, so the proper repairs can be performed.

Let me know, about the noise. Thanks Jay!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hello Jay,

Yes the noise was there before I had the work done, it was my understanding that the nosise was due to a bearing issue. I had the front checked and the bearings on both sides in the front were loose, we made this determination after wiggling the wheels when the car was hoisted up. But after I had the wheels repacked with bearings and sealed the noise did not go away, I ever took it back to the shop where the work was done and attempted to have the hub bearing tightened. To no avail it continues to make the humming grinding sound with each revolution of the tire on the driver's side. I will say that once I reach a higher speed like on the expressway you don't notice it as much. Jay, do you think by replacing that hub bearing assemly on that side will correct this problem? Now in regards XXXXX XXXXX dash lights, I am taking it in for a diagnostic tomorrow for the fuel light, abs and rear abs and engine light to see what codes are being thrown off however we have to know why the alternator needle flactuates, from 14 to 11.5 on ocassion. One mechanic told me it has to do with a wiring short in the dash and until this is fixed it may affect the alternator. The reason for me replacing the alternator was because I did some research on the trooper and the info explained that when your alternator is bad on this vehicle it will do things like cause sensor lighs to come on and the heater blower to go out - all of this things were happening which prompted me to change the alternator. Once I did the change the heater blower immediatel started working again, but the sensor lights did not go off. Last thing, the alternator is not flactuating as much now.

Thanks Jay, l look forward to you professional asessment.
Your noise - Most common humming noise that changes with vehicle speed is a wheel bearing. Since you mention the bearings were loose, it may be possible that they have damaged the hub, which would require the hub and bearing to be replaced. I have not hear your noise, this is a guess based on what you have described to me.

As for your dash lights and Alternator. I am assuming you put a after market Alternator in the truck. I have seen many, and will continue to see it. Allot of after market alternators don't work perfect right out of the box. My parts managers son has a 90 Stanza he has put 4 after market alternators in the car with in the past 3 months and has now ordered a Nissan one. So it may be possible you have a defective alternator.

Thanks Jay!
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