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Mazda protege: my trunk release..first thing

Resolved Question:

my trunk release on my 02 mazda protege stopped working. What would be the first thing I should try to get it to work again? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  stin1974 replied 8 years ago.
The first thing you will want to do is check all of your fuses and see if the fuse is blown. You can check them with a test light if you have one. Turn the key to the on position, ground the test light and check both sides of each fuse. It should lite up on both sides. If only one side lights up thenm the fuse is bad. If bad then replace. This is where I would start
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I don't see a fuse that directly relates to the trunk release lever. Is there a cable that might just need to be adjusted?
Expert:  stin1974 replied 8 years ago.

Im sorry I thought it was electronic.


  1. Install the trunk lid striker to one of the three places (A, B, and C) so that the play of the trunk lid opener cable is within the specified clearance.
    • If not as specified, move to the next location.

a: 0.3 - 4.5 mm {0.02 - 0.17 in}

Expert:  stin1974 replied 8 years ago.
This will be right where your lever is. Try and adjust to take out any slack.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

okay that sounds more like what I need to do, and where exactly do adjust that underneath the lever itself or in the trunk where the latch is?


Expert:  stin1974 replied 8 years ago.
That will be at the lever. They have 3 notches as you can see so you can make it tighter because after time the cable stretche. Just pull the cable out sideways and tighten (move it) one notch and see if thats enough. If not move it 2. I would suggest when it is working to just barely pull it until it opens because to change the cable as I saw is a big job. You have to have the seat taken out and all.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
well I see exactly what your talking about now but I can't adjust it. There is a little metal sleeve that the factory installed on there with a little circle punched into it so you cant slide the sleeve back to reveal another slot. I don't want to try and force it and damage the cable. Do you have any suggestions?
Expert:  stin1974 replied 8 years ago.
Actually I said this was at the latch but by the way its printed it may be in the trubk end. Ive never adjusted one on this but it looks fairly simple. Try to look in the trunk and see if its at that end and easier to do there.
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