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Resolved Question:

hAVE AN INTERMITTENT MISS ONLY WHEN STOPPED AND CAR IS IN GEAR-CHANGED PLUGS(114,000MI) REPLACED REAR COIL PACK,91/09)FRONT REPLACED 1YEAR AGO.DIAGNOSTICS AT CAD DEALER GAVE NO CODE-BUT THEY INDICATED THE COIL PACK NEEDED CHANGING.STILL HAVE THE INTERMITTANT MISS CAN YOU HELP? The car is a 2003 SLS.No problem when in city traffic or highway travel only when stopped and in gear is there a miss.Did change fuel filter and also had the injectors cleaned.Checked fuel and put drier in gas to possibly get rid of moisture.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Jeff replied 8 years ago.

Hi ThereCustomer Last time I had a vehicle in with a miss such as your description I found it to be an air leak at one of the Fuel injectors. The problem was very hard to detect. You need a stethascope or some CRC or carby clean spray and some patience to listen and spray around the inlet manifold and the injectors to detect if there is an air leak.


Good luck, it is a good place to start. Air leaks do not always log codes or show up on a gas analyser so easily.


If you are sattisfied with my response, please hit the accept button.


Regards Jeff.

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