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98 Impreza Outback Sport: ignition key is click..dome light, etc

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I just changed the battery in my '98 Impreza Outback Sport and all I hear when I turn the ignition key is "click". There is juice as the dome light, etc. is working.
Hello brgerlach-Did the car start before you changed the battery?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes, it did - although it was taking multiple times of turning the key over.

OK, if it started before, make sure you check the battery terminals. Even if one of them is a little loose or corroded it will prevent enough voltage from going to the starter while allowing lower amperage accessories to work, such as the lights.

If all looks good at the battery end you will need to check for voltage at the starter. There should be at least 12V+ at the starter while turning the key. If you were getting this clicking sound and several turns of the key to start it before, you could have a starter problem.

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