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1995 Cadillac Deville 129,000 miles. The traction disabled

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1995 Cadillac Deville 129,000 miles. The traction disabled anti-lock lights come on. What is broken and what are the options and what is approximate repair cost?

Couple your ABS and traction control problems with the intermitent check engine lightand it all means the car will have to be scanned to determine a direction for troubleshooting. The defct can be as simple as a broken connection or as expensive as a new computer, but this can only be determined after the car is scanned and diagnosed.


You want this done by a qualified person. this is not a job for the fre code reading at Autozone


You must be prepared to pay for diagnostic time. This is usually $100.00 per hour, and there will be at least an hour diagnostic time on this car, maybe more


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