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SAAB 9-2x Aero: Turbo..the timing belt, tensioner..spark plugs

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I have a SAAB 9-2x Aero (WRX) with the 2.0L Turbo motor and 110,000 miles. (I was already planning to change the timing belt, tensioner, idler pullies, etc.) The car sat for several days (35 degrees outside) and when I tried to start it, the engine turned over like the spark plugs were out. I thought that the tensioner may have lost tension and allowed the belt to jump. The engine never started, it just turned over. I took the timing belt covers off to inspect the situation. I also pulled the spark plugs since I needed to change them anyway. With a wrench on the crankshaft I can only turn the engine over about 340 - 345 degrees before it has resistance.

the bad news is it sounds like the timing belt jumped time. the good news is you have the cover off to inspect....

the really bad news is the resistance you feel is the valves hitting the pistons due to it being and interference engine..


if you fell the resistance turning by hand it is almost a guarantee that it has bent some valve in the cylinder head when it jumped trying to start the motor.....


you can turn the camshaft 15 deg. and than try to turn the crank again to see if you have resistance.


i would pull the valve cover and look at all the valves to see how many valve are sit lower than the rest and that is a sure fire telltale of bent valves and a rough idea on how many are bent....


what will have to be done is have the head pulled and a valve job and replace all bent valves and reinstalled and retimed with new timing belt kit including idlers and tensioners..


let me know if i can help


good luck


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
This is a horizontal 4 cyl with 4 cams... with a SOHC 4 cyl, 15 degrees of cam rotation may help with the evaluation of the problem, but with a 4 cam engine ???

yes, the 15 deg turning of the cams was just to get the valve train into a different location to clear the pistons so you can get the crank in time than bring the cams back into time and set the timing belt back on and in time........


what has happened is when it jumped time the camshafts being out of time or sync with the crankshaft... by turning the cams you get them out of the way of the pistons so you can turn the crankshaft a full 360 deg. than you know there is not interference with the pistons.. set the crankshaft on tdc and than bring the camshafts back into time and set the timeing belt..


than turn the motor over 2 complete times to make sure there is not interference with the piston to valves and than i would check compression and if a valve is bent you will see it now with the comression test. if all cylinders are roughly 150 lbs of comression you have no bent valves. if you have a cyl at 50 lbs than you have bent valves on that cylinder... check all 4 cylinders to see the compression and this will tell you with certinty

that you have or dont have bent valves in the cyl. head........


i hope that is more clear.......

let me know if i can assist any further..


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