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Rixster, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Car
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Experience:  Owner Rix Automotive & Mobile Repair 27+ Years Exp. with all makes and models cars and Lt. Trucks
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1996 mazda 626: my dash and tail lights..all the fuses

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1996 mazda 626 my headlights work my dash and tail lights don't check all the fuses seem to be fine

Hello! I'm Rixster...

I'm going to see if I can help you out here.

I would be looking at a possible faulty Headlamp Switch which is mounted on your steering column. This switch work your illuminations and turn signals.

This switch can be replaced without replacing the complete combination switch.

There are a few tests you can perform to confirm this but it would involve a wiring diagram, a test light and the working knowledge of wiring schematics. I also recommend inspection of the rheostat for your dash lights. This is the controller for how bright the instrument cluster lights are.

I would recommend purchasing this switch from the dealer or OE parts supplier to be sure you have the most updated/current design switch.


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Thanx! -Rixster

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
replaced the headlight switch and relay and still no taillight or dash lights

Have you checked the bulbs to be sure they are okay?

This may sound like a "dumb" question but I've had that happen to me before.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
all the bulbs seem to look fine
Ok, I'm going to research this and get right back to you...



Here's a diagram of the lighting system. Also... Take a look at that Interior Lighting Module...graphic




I do hope this helps you out...

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Thanx! -Rixster