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Roadside Jerry
Roadside Jerry, Auto Mechanic
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2001 alero: The cars battery has gone dead 3 times

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2001 alero. Have owned the car for 6 years. The cars battery has "gone dead" 3 times. All 3 times after no being used for 5-7 days.
When I first bought the car, I noticed when I had the key OUT of the ignition, I could still hear a "static" type sound. The dealer replaced my cd/cassette/radio, but the problem persists. The dealer says they "can not hear it". Funny thing is, everyone else I ask CAN hear it. Any suggestion?

Hi,it sounds like you have what is called a parasitic drain killing your battery,something is remaining powered up with the key off. As for the noise,if you can get someone to disconnect the battery while you sit in the car,then reconnect it,you may be able to pinpoint the are it is coming from. The fact that you here this noise,does point to a parasitic drain. I am going to send you instruction for testing this,if it is found there is a drain,I am almost sure that correcting the drain will also solve the mystery of the static sound.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Jerry,

In your opinion, what is the usual cause of a parasitic drain, and is it very difficult to trace? My car does have the feature, if any lights are left on they automatically shut off after 15 min. This is supposed to stop my battery from being run down. When I charged up my battery, I was especially carefull in checking that "NOTHING" had been left in the "ON" position

Hi,there is no usual cause of the drain,although it is always best to check things like glove box lamps,vanity mirror lights,trunk lamps, as a first step,once you are sure there is a drain as indicated by the meter reading. Next step isdisconnecting the alternator and pulling fuses to find a circuit that will cause the draw to drop,once found that circuit is traced to find the problem area. The drain may not be enough to activate the battery saver system. I have seen some radios that were defective internally,and also some that were installed incorrectly that caused a drain. The static sound may be a clue to the problem.