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1995 Jaguar XJR: radiator..that metal housing plate until I..bent

Resolved Question:

I have a 1995 Jaguar XJR, and my wife came off the curb and bumped the bottom of the radiator, and knocked the right drain plug from the metal housing plate it was attached to. Can I replug it without attaching to that metal housing plate until I get someone to bend it back into poistion over the plug? It's bent about an inch from it's proper position. How do I replug it and what do I need to repair it? Thanks.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  JOES SHOP replied 8 years ago.
That will be aluminum or posibly brass. You can try bending it back, is the Radiator leaking bad, or seeping from the plug. Is the plug broken? They are usually plastic and designed to break before the radiator. Is this what happened? Thanks, Joe
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Just seeping from the plug. The top of the plg was pulled off and is broken. The radiator is fine.
Expert:  JOES SHOP replied 8 years ago.
You can purchase a new drain plug. Make sure you get the correct one prior to starting work on the vehicle. Then drill a hole in the middle of the old one, carefull not to drill into the radiator. Use an easy out to remove the old plug. Make sure the engine and radiator is cold. Replace the plug with new. then have the bracket repaired a.s.a.p. it may cause you problems down the road. Thanks, Joe
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