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Tl: aura..loud whining noise when i turn it on..gets louder

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my 2004 aura tl is making loud whining noise when i turn it on. even when i turn the wheel when its idle it gets louder. what could this be.


you may be low on power steering fluid...the power steering pump will whine when it gets really low....thanks

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thank u. i opened the hood sound was coming from the engine. is this where the fuild is stored. i have about 46000 miles on my car is there any maintance tips that i need to know other than the fluid

hi .....yes the fluid needs to go in the need to take it to a mechanic to check for a leak....because if it is low it went somewhere ...most auto parts stores will add the fluid for free as long as you buy it there...the only other maintanice you should do at this time is check the drive belt/belts...keep the oil changed regularly

have a happy new year

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thanks man.

youare very welcome

happyy mew year