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A hard time cranking over but once on it runs just fine and smoothly

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I have been having a hard time with starting my car, it takes a long time for it to crank on. I have spent so much money only to be stuck with the same problems. When I first go out in the morning to leave for work, it has a hard time cranking over but once on it runs just fine and smoothly. Then when I go home from work, same problems, wont crank over. I have been all over trying to get diagnositics done with zero luck. I went to one garage and they said I was getting now pressure from my fuel pump so I spent $300 for a new pump only to find out it did no good.

It has a hard time cranking over in the morning but once started runs fine. If I go into a store for say 15- a half hour, same thing, wont crank over smoothly. But, if I start it let it run or drive it, come home turn it off then immediately crank it over to start it again, it starts up just fine! I am at a loss here and dont want to or should I say cant spend anymore money trying to figure out the problem as I am going broke here. HELP!!! Also my check engine light has never came on at all through all this.
tell me what kid of car you have
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe, V6 2.7L 2WD

have you scanned the computer with an ob2 scxanner....if so give me the codes


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
they (the mechanic shop) never gave me any codes for it. They just TOLD what the computer said was reading and that was it.Believe me, if I had the codes I would tell you. Thanks.

i'm going to do the best i can without a code.....i think your cts is bad the [coolent tepeture sensor] this sensor tells the computer when the engine is cool and adds more a choke...till it goes into closeloop....the parts store can help you locate it ..they dont cost too much...$50 at the most




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