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2004 kia optima: timing belt..all exhaust valves..intake..vibration

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Hello, 2004 kia optima 2.4 with broken timing belt, bent all exhaust valves and 1 intake ,had head repaired and put together with all timing marks align, rt balance shaft, crank, oil pump and camshafts, vehicle has major vibration when running is this due to left balance shaft being out of position and how do i set it up.


If the balance shaft is out of position it can cause a vibration but I wouldn't call it major.

If you bent all the valves as you stated did you examine the pistons for damage, and make sure that all the pistons reached the top of their travel (meaning flush with top of engine block)? I'm thinking there could be a chance of a bent rod from the impact with the valves causing this vibration.

Easy way to check it now would be to remove the spark plugs and insert a long screwdriver into each hole, put each of the pistons to the top of it's travel and see if the screw driver is the same height for all 4.

Are you sure the countershaft on the right is timed properly? This is the one with the small belt. You said it was.

Here is the way to line up the left counter shaft but the exhaust manifold has to come off. I have not found the need for this except to hold the shaft in place for gear removal. But if all else fails it is worth a shot. You already know how to do the rest of the timing so I will not clutter this post with pics. Kia knows how to make things hard.


17.Align the timing marks of each sprocket and install the timing belt in this order. Crankshaft sprocket-Oil pump sprocket-Idler pulley-Exhaust camshaft sprocket-Intake camshaft sprocket-Tensioner pulley.
- In this step, No.1 is in TDC (Compression stroke).
- When the timing mark of oil pump sprocket is aligned, fist remove the plug at left side of the cylinder block and insert a screwdriver to check the left counter balance shaft in position. Screwdriver used for this purpose should have a shaft 8mm (0.3in)in diameter which can be inserted more than 60mm (2.36in).
- Install the plug at left side of the cylinder block after check timing.


Good luck and get back to me if necc. Wish I could feel the vibration to help you better.





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