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Hyundai sonata: spark to plugs, fuel pump working..crank

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2002 2.4L hyundai sonata, whilst driving, eng just cut off - car tries to start but wont turn over, no spark to plugs, fuel pump working, is there a way to know if it is the crank or camshaft sensor - or if that is the problem at all? car has done 87,000 kms

Hi! And welcome to JA!


Just a heads up, this may not be a "quick" fix, and may require some research on my part. If you are OK with that, then I first need you to answer a few questions for me.


First, is the Check Engine Light on? If so, do you know what the code(s) are?


Second, you said the car tries to it turning over normally, or does it sound like it is spinning faster than it used to? Is it turning over at all?


Third, how did you check for spark? How did you verify that the fuel pump is working?


Let's start there, and see if I can help....

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
gday, the light didnt come one before it stopped and the light is always on upon normal start, the turns off after a few seconds. if I turn ignition on the light disappears after a few seconds, and I would know any codes if it were on.

The enging is carnking like normal ie has compression. I removed the fuel line before it enters the injector rail and fuel is pouring out upon cranking. I removed one sparkplug and cranked it over with the plug in the lead- no spark on any lead. It seems highly unlikely that both coil packs would just pack up?not sure - usually one might go and the car would missfire??

thanks for your help, appreciate it

OK...did some research for you.


This engine uses a timing belt and a balancer shaft belt. It seems it is not unusual for the balance shaft belt to loose some of it's "teeth" and that can lead to damage of the Crankshaft Position Sensor, or its trigger wheel. Odds are that at least the crank sensor is bad...seems to be a recurring problem on this engine.


That would also explain why there are no stored codes. When the crank sensor signal is lost, the computer no longer knows when to fire the plugs...and the engine cuts off.


If you are mechanically comfortable, get a good service manual and follow the procedure for accessing and inspecting these belts, and the sensor.


Hope this helps you out, and Happy Holidays to you!

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