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Hi, I have a 1995 Land Rover Discovery I. My brake lights are

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Hi, I have a 1995 Land Rover Discovery I. My brake lights are not working; Anti-lock light is on; I can not shif my gear out of parking. Further more, I checked all brake lights and the are fine. I also checked fuse (#1 - blue one with 15A), and it is also fine. I even checked the brake light switch. It is also works well. However, I noticed that there are only two purple color wires and a tube connected to this brake light switch. there is no current between these two wires. I have been reading what people say on the internet. According to them, fuse should be the problem. Interesting enough, the fuse is good. What else can be problem? And how do I take care of it? Thanks.


You were very close to fixing this yourself. The switch you were looking at that has the purple wires also has a vacuum hose going to it, this is for the cruise control and that is why there is no power, it operates differently. The switch you need to replace is the other switch close to where this one is, that will be the brake light switch and is the cause of your ABS light, no brake lights and not shifting out of park.

This is a common mistake made by many people including technicians.

The 2 wire colors should be green with a purple stripe and green with an orange stripe.


Knd. Regards,


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Rich:


Thanks for your email. As I mentioned before, I took your advice and I have purchased the Brake Light Switch. I received it today. I just put it on my car. It looks it works for one part of my problem and the other part problem is still there. After I installed the brake light switch (as you indicated that what my problem was), I was able to shift gear out of park. However, the brake lights in the back are always on (there was no brake light before.) I did not even have to step on brake paddle, the brake lights are always on. Even I put gear on park and go back to my car, I still can see all three brake lights (one on each side and one on top) are on. Also, remember I mentioned my Anti-lock brake light was on (in my question)? It is still on. I know anti-lock was working and I just tested it (I drove the car over rough road surface and hit brake, I could feel anti-lock brake was working. So, why anti-lock brake light keeps stay on at dash board? I know stop light switch problem may "confuse" anti-lock brake light some times. Is there any way I can reset it? Or I have to take it to dealer to reset it? This is what I mean by one part of my problem was answered (shifting) and the other part is still there (lights are still on).


Any way, I feel we are getting there. I am sure you will have a easy solution to take care remaining problem. I will be more than glad to release the money and recommend your service to all of my friends. I think your knowledge is way abover most people in dealership. You know exactly what caused the problem. I am very satisfied talk to you. After taking care of this brake light problem, I will release the money. Then I will post another question regarding to power door lock problem. I will pay you seperately for that question. Thanks. I am looking forward to hear from you and finish up this brake problem.


Sincerely yours,


Hi again James,

I see we have gone from no brake lights to staying on all the time, this sounds like the brake switch is either not adjusted properly or shorted internally. Remove the switch and readjust it, you will have to pull out on the plunger part and then reinstall it.

As far as the anti lock light you can try to disconnect the battery for a few minutes and that may clear the fault code but with the brake lights staying on, this will have to be corrected first or the fault will not go away and neither will the light.


Let me know,


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Rich:


You are great. Every time when you say what problem was, you were right on the targat. I did what you told me. Brake lights are working find. The last thing is that anti-lock brake light still kept on. I disconnected battery for about one minute (after the brake lights were working), I then put them back. I drove the car around and the anti-lock brake light was still kept on. Also, I feld the brake were not braking that strong. I know all brake pads were new (I changed all the pads when I did inspection not long ago). The interest thing is I tried the anti-lock brake again. It worked. There is no reason for that light keeps stay on. Is there any other possibility to turn it off (or possibility of other problems?). Please let me know. So far you are the one I have met who is most knowledgeble for this LandRover Discovery (including those people in the dealership). I wish you are somewhere near by, so I can take this car to you and let you take a look. Thanks and looking forward to hear from you.

Hi James,

Since the light did not go off by disconnecting the battery it wll have to be cleared with a scanner or a t3 or t4 Land Rover testbook. Now when you have this done make note of the fault codes stored and then clear them. I don`t see alot of problems with this system, 99.9% of the faults I see on these are from the brake light switches and wheel sensors. What I see with the wheel sensors is a fault for (air gap too large) and 99% of the time it is because the sensor has backed out a little and just needs to be tapped back in. These sensors just slide in and out and you have one at each wheel. I would find it unusual for you to have a different fault that will not clear out with a scanner.

Thank you for the compliment, I am a Land Rover tech so I do see alot of these.





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