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2002 Sunfire: antifreeze..couldnt find..reservoir or in the hose)

Resolved Question:

My daughter's 2002 Sunfire has been running low on antifreeze to the point where every couple of weeks we would have to replenish it - my husband was convinced that there was a slow leak somewhere. However, a guy we know took a look at it and suggested we get the water pump replaced. He said that this was probably the cause of our problem (he couldn't find a leak in the reservoir or in the hose). Does this sound like a viable solution or could it possible be something else?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  MR. FIX IT replied 8 years ago.
well without seeing were it is leaking from you cant be a 100% sure but yes i would at least check there when the water pump goes out it starts a slow leak but there are other places that you could slowly be loosing coolant for example headgasket (unlikley unless car has overheated or has lots of miles) could be a hose that you cant see if your having to add every few weeks that is a verry slow leak

i would check to see if it was leaking i would a gree chances are that is it but until you know for sure dont buy one also try cleaning the motor off let it drie than check it for moist spots that will help you determine were it is leaking
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