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99 chevy suburban: new battery..alternator..engine running..jump start

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99 chevy suburban, new battery and alternator, volt meter shows 14 volts when engine running, let vehicle stand overnight and completely dead in morning, all lights and everything possible is off, jump start volt meter agains shows charging but continues to happen and nothing is left on, what is happening



Thanks for using JA,


It sounds like you have a draw on your battery. Do you have a multimeter? If so then we can see what module is not shutting down. I would check and see by ear first. Start the vehicle and let it run for about 10 minutes and then with you inside shut the vehicle off and stay inside with the doors closed. Listen for any noises or something that might be running. We have had alot of cases of blower motors staying on and fuel pumps. Let me know about the multimeter and what you find.


Thanks msgtperrin

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I do hear a clicking sound from the light switch but the lights do not come on, the fuel pump take a couple seconds but does shut down, It will take me a little while today to get it going again and to find my multi meter



Thanks for the response,


We can do it without a multimeter but it will take a while Here is what we are going to do. When you get the multimeter we are going to put it in series with the battery cable and turn the vehicle off and pull one relay at a time. Light the horn, the starter and so on and see where the draw is. Then we know the source that is drawing down your battery. I would first unplug the light swith and see if the clicking stops. If you can not find a multimeter unplug the switch and let the vehicle sit overnight and see if it starts. This will tell you if that is the problem. Let me know


Thanks msgtperrin

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Will do that with meter and get back to you later today, thanks.



No problem and let me know


thanks msgtperrin

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Seemed as though it was the light switch, replaced it and now all is good so far, thanks for your help

Hi Bowhunter and that is good news and let me know if you need anything in the future.


Thanks msgtperrin