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2003 infiniti: oil change to turn off sevice engine light

Resolved Question:

on a 2003 infiniti i was told you must press a reset button after an oil change to turn off sevice engine light . if this is true where is the reset located ?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Roadside Jerry replied 8 years ago.
Hi,are you sure the model you sent is correct,and are you seeing the service engine soon light,or the maintenance reminder for the oil change on your information center?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

seeing the service engine soon light .has been on since august and the car dealers mechanic says you just have to reset this button and it will go off . he also said to my daughter that he had reset it for her which lasted only one day .now that i called him he says after we had an oil change we should reset again .where is this reset located in the engine compartment or inside the car ? do you think he is correct or just trying to evade a problem .he told us to look at owners manual for location of button , but they never gave my daughter the manual and told her it had to be ordered and would cost her .

she paid them $12,000.00 for the used 2003 infiniti Q 35 .THANKKS

Expert:  Roadside Jerry replied 8 years ago.
Hi, The service engine soon light indicates the engine control system has detected a problem. It has nothing to do with the oil change due indication. To turn the service engine soon light off requires a scan tool. If it was on,turned of by the dealer,then came back on in one day,it indicates the problem still exsists.The correct way to find this is to have the codes read,then diagnose and repair the problem area. It can be something as simple as a defective gas cap,to a problem with the computer.It sounds like they are trying to pass the buck.You may be able to mget a free scan done at an Autozone parts store.If so write down the code,dont have them cleared,then return to the dealer that the car was purchese from and have them take care of the problem.
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