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2002 jaguar x type: the windows fog up in cold weather..defrost

Resolved Question:

why do the windows fog up in cold weather on my 2002 jaguar x type? I have tried everything if i leave the defrost on high the winshield is clear but rest of windows fog up. If I crack a window they will clear up
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  brownjeff replied 8 years ago.

Does the vehicle have air conditioning? If so does it work? Also are you running the system in fresh air or recirculate?





Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes the air works and blows cold. I have it on the fresh air. I have tried it on automatic and still fogs up. I have seen other people with the same question in other forums. Must be common on these jags
Expert:  brownjeff replied 8 years ago.

Yes, it is a common problem. I will attach a bulletin that addresses the issue.








DATE: 04/04

2002-04 MY X-TYPE




Vehicle Fogging/Climate Control Slow To Cool Vehicle - Air Blend Door Loose - Repair Procedure


On some 2002-04 MY X-TYPE vehicles within the above VIN range, customers may have concerns with the vehicle interior fogging or the climate control cooling the vehicle slowly.

The concern may be caused by the air inlet blend door being loose on the actuator shaft.


In case of a customer complaint of the above condition on a 2002-04 MY X-TYPE vehicle within the above VIN range, first test the operation of the air inlet blend door. Set the fan speed to MAX and manually de-select the recirc button, there should be an audible difference in the climate control temperature motor noise. If the volume stays the same then the air inlet blend door is suspect.

To rectify follow the workshop procedure outlined below.


1.Open door.


2.Turn ignition 'ON'.


3.Operate front seat fully rearward for access.


4.The air recirculation switch should be in the fresh air mode.


5.Turn ignition 'OFF'.


6.Remove the glove compartment hinge retaining screws (Illustration 1).


7.Remove the glove compartment retaining screws (Illustration 2).


8.Disconnect the glove compartment lamp electrical connector (Illustration 3).


9.Remove the glove compartment.


10.Disconnect the air inlet blend door actuator electrical connector, undo and remove the climate control upper front stepper motor securing screws and displace the climate control stepper motor and reposition to gain working access (Illustration 4).


11.Remove the air inlet blend door actuator securing screws (Illustration 5).


12.Displace and remove actuator.


13.On all vehicles, align the actuator shaft as follows: Connect the air inlet blend door actuator to the electrical connector, and switch the ignition 'ON'. By a combination of operating the air recirculation button ON/OFF and disconnecting the electrical connector at the correct time set the shaft to the correct position. The flat opposite the curved face should be set nearest to and parallel with the line on the actuator body (Illustration 6).


Note: A DTC will be stored during the alignment procedure since the open circuit will be detected.


14.Turn ignition 'OFF'.


15.Ensure the air inlet blend door is in the fresh air position.


Caution: Care must be taken not to apply too much adhesive as this could be pushed backwards on the motor housing when inserted in the climate control unit.


16.Apply Super Glue Gel or a suitable locally sourced adhesive to the actuator shaft (Illustration 7).


Note: Do NOT apply adhesive to the end of the actuator shaft.


17.Align, install, and fully seat the actuator. Hold the actuator in position until the adhesive has set.


Note: Do NOT switch the ignition 'ON', or operate the air recirculation switch until ten minutes have elapsed to allow the adhesive to set.


18.Install and tighten actuator-securing screws.


19.Connect actuator electrical connector.


20.Reposition and install the climate control upper front stepper motor.


21.Install and tighten the climate control upper front stepper motor securing screws.


22.Install the glove compartment.


23.Connect the glove compartment lamp electrical connector.


24.Install and tighten the glove compartment retaining screws.


25.Install and tighten the glove compartment hinge retaining screws.


26.Turn ignition 'ON'.


27.Operate front seat to original position.


28.Turn ignition 'OFF'.


29.Position WDS alongside vehicle, switch 'ON' Portable Test Unit (PTU) and allow software to load.


Note: During previous operation, Connect PTU to vehicle via diagnostic cable.


30.Clear DTCs, switch OFF PTU, disconnect and return WDS to original location.


31.Close door.


Warranty Information:

Warranty claims should be submitted quoting the information found in the table.

This will result in payment of the stated time and, where applicable parts/miscellaneous expense codes as listed.



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