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Car will not turn over. Battery is ok, lights come on but

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Car will not turn over. Battery is ok, lights come on but no effect turning the key. This has happened before but after a few minutes the car started. took it to the dealer but as the problem was not occurring they said i would need to wait until the next time it happened

These can really be a problem to diagnose, especially if they act up so intermittently. If you have a 12 volt test light or a volt meter, I can give you a few things to check for the next time it acts up. But the problem is these newer units also have a starter relay on the circuit as well as some other circuits and wiring because of the security systems that are built into them. The next time it acts up, be sure to notice the security light on the dash and see if it is coming on. We will need to spend some time diagnosing things and trying to eliminate them one at a time. But, the security system can be an issue on these systems and often they get over looked. Go through the post below and let me know what you find if anything. If you get it to act up and nothing else seems to work or everything tests ok, look and see if there is another relay in the relay box that looks the same and is the same configuration as the starter relay. If so, try swapping the two and see if that helps. If it does, it is a pretty simple matter to buy a new relay. Let me know what you find if anything and we will pick it up from there. Thanks



If you are sure the battery is good and fully charged and the cable connections are all good. You will need to check for voltage at the small purple wire on the starter solenoid while some one engages the starter. If you have good voltage at the purple wire and at the large battery terminal both, you will need to replace the starter. If you do not have voltage at the purple wire let me know so we can test the starting system and find where the problem is. I will need to know if it is a standard shift or an automatic. But be sure to check to see if you have any theft or security lights coming on, on the dash first. It may be an issue with the security system also. If this all checks ok, the next step will be to test the neutral safety or clutch safety switch and go from there. Thanks, Bob

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