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87 Chrysler Lebaron Power loss light came on. It lost power

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'87 Chrysler Lebaron Power loss light came on. It lost power (duh) and we costed to a stop. Initial searching showed no power to the coil.
Sorry your having issues.

I need to verify that you have no voltage on the dark green/black tracer wire from the coil. If not, and the fuses have power, need to check that w/ a lamp or meter, check the fuse links off the left fender {they will be in a clump in the harness adjacent to the battery and module}. Grab each one and lightly tug/ pull at either end of the link. To be sure, probe each for voltage. If they all check out, than the next issue us the ASD relay. This model has it integrated with the module on the left fender. Sorry. If all checks out, and there are no breaks in the grn/blk wire going to the module, r/r the module.

Get back w/ any questioned you have.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It is firehose raining here in the Seattle area and I wll be delayed in further checking. I have verified the battery is charged and all lights and other electronics are working. I have checked physically the fusable links near the battery and all show not damage and are solid. I have not yet tried to see if there is power to all the fuses but as I said all electronics and lights work. (this car has a complete digital dash with a diagnostic run through which again when activated shows "power loss" in big red letters across the front of the speedometer. I have also verified there is no power to either side of the coil. (grounding the test light and probing each terminal to see if there is current). Oh, the test light is ok..
If the fuse links check out voltage wise {never fully trust tugging links}, and you are sure the module at the fender is getting power, than the next thing is the ASD relay which is incorporated in the module. Before that big purchase, verify voltage!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
When I can I shall insert a probe into either side of each fusable link to check for continuity. Thank you for your assistance and I will try as soon as possible. It is currently raining so hard here there are flood watches on all the local rivers. It it is the ASD relay I will probably not repair it and instead start saving for another vehicle. It has been a nice car but even though there is less than 90K miles on this 87 Premium it is after all 21 years old.
I'll keep checking for you.

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