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Chrysler: mileage..the van in and I feel the dealership did un

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We had the following service performed at mileage 28,362 on our Chrysler Town and Country. My wife took the van in and I feel the dealership did un-necessary work.

1. Complete fuel System Service(icludes flush injectors, decarbon valves, clean throttle body.
2. Power steering flush.
3. Brake Fluid Flush.
4. Premium Transmission Flush.

I agree the trans flush can be part of a 30,000 mile service, but the rest seems excessive.
You did not state the year or where you live.If you look in the owners manual-brake fluid is a required change,it can be as low as 15,000 miles depending on where you live-high humidity and mountains the most.The trans is also a required.As far as the power steering-that is trans fluid and if you make a lot of stoped turns and hold the wheel there it will burn the fluid up.The injector cleaning etc.. is more or less a option-BUT,gas no longer has the deteregent that it had 3 years ago and the oil will carbon and cause problems later-you did get a preventative maintenence and thats whet they did to keep ypu from having problems later.If you where to develope problems later-your warranty could be voided as you did not do the recommended maintences.You where not taken-just not aware of what was going to be done.If you wanted a oil change-thats what you needed to ask for.Technically they should have rotataed the tires and serviced the brakes also.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I have a 2006 Town and Country and we live in Chicago, IL. I just bought the van used(previous owner was in Michigan). The dealer didn't want to do an oil change, because they said the selling dealership had likely done one. "It would be a waste of money." But they replaced the air filter.

I checked the maintenance log book for a brake fluid flush and the first time the word flush appears is at 60,000 miles for the coolant.

They did a rear brake job and and 2 wheel alignment.

I found this site that catorized the service I had as "Best package" maintenance.

The bill had "per customer request" in front of the trans flush and brake fluid flush.

I don't think we needed brake, trans, or fuel system work. I will try to communicate better with the service advisor in the future.

You need to talk to your wife-some where there was a lack of comunications.A 30 k would be a oil and filter change-trans service-r air filter-rotate with balance- brake inspection/service-transmision flush and the injectors and decarboning.The brake fluid(which absorbs moisture and can be tested with a lithmiss strip and the power steering fluid is determined at the time of service.Chicago and michigan have a lot of humidity-temperture change and city driving is hard on brakes-trans and power steering.Did you look under servere service-because that its the type of drive you do under the maintence defenition.and look at time also-on the drivers door is a daTte of manufacture-see just when it has its birthday.
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