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Last week the car wouldnt turn over, just clicked..charger

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I have a 2000 911. Last week the car wouldn't turn over, just clicked. So I put a charger on it and it turned right over. I drove it a couple of minutes, turnrd it off and then it wouldn't start again. I then put a slow overnight charge on it and it wouldn't turn over. Lastly a put the charger back on high for a quick jump and the car wouldn't turn over, it instead acted like it was over surged and the windows would go up and down a quarter inch the hazards would flash and the insight lights would rapidly flash on and off. I tried to take the battery out to replace it but after easily removing the posts the battery seems like its superglued to the bottom tray. Any advice before i have it towed to the shop?

Hello and welcome to Just, Super mechanic here. About your vehicle.


It sounds like the battery is bad, may have an internal short. You will want to make sure that you have the hold down bolt out of it. Here is what the data base has for battery R&R


Removing battery

  1. Switch ignition off and remove ignition key.




  • Open turn-lock fasteners -A- .
  • Remove battery cover.
  • First disconnect the ground strap of the battery on the negative battery terminal. Unscrew hexagon nut and remove terminal.




    1. Undo hexagon nut on the positive battery terminal and remove terminal.
    2. Pull off venting hose -A- and fix in a suitable position with insulating tape.
    3. Unscrew fastening screw -B- .
    4. Remove battery.

    Installing battery




    Insert battery.





    1. Screw in fastening screw -B- , position battery and tighten the fastening screw. Tightening torque: 23 Nm (17 ftlb.)
    2. Push on venting hose -A- .
    3. First connect the positive cable then the negative - otherwise there is a danger of a short-circuit! Tightening torque: 5 Nm (4 ftlb.) .
    4. Put on the battery cover and lock with the turn-lock fasteners.


    Customer: replied 8 years ago.

    Thank you very much. I will definitely give this a try. Your diagram is extremely helful, I would have never figured that out.


    One last question, do I need to go to a Porsche dealership to get a new battery or is there a comparable type I can get at my local auto store?


    Thanks again!

    Your welcome. They are available after market, just about anywhere. I do see one at Autozone, but I don't see a price.



    Only for the cheaper one.





    You may want to try NAPA or Advance, if there are any locally


    Jerry and other Car Specialists are ready to help you
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.

    Awesome advice! Worked like a charm. The car turned right over and it only took an hour of my time and under $100 for the battery.


    I was watching all of the testimonials scroll by while waiting for an answer with skepticism, Now I'm writing one myself. I simply could not have done this without your diagrams and recommended model numbers.


    Well worth the value. You have easily saved me hours and hundreds of dollars.


    Thank you very much!


    Your welcome and come again, anytime you need, thanks

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