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90 lebaron: Turbo..94,000 starts off in second gear

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I have a 90 lebaron Turbo 3 speed auto with 94,000 miles. Sometimes the car starts off in second gear and other times it shifts normally. If I shift it in low first it always works fine right through. This started after I was in traffic for a while. Thanks.
Hi. It sounds like you either have a problem in the valve body or a governor problem. Governor problems in these were fairly common. If you have an oil pressure gauge I can run you through some tests to try and determine the problem.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes I have a oil pressure gauge. What kind of test would be run?

graphicOk. We've got to test it with it acting up. Put your gauge on the governor pressure tap. (see diagram). Governor pressure should build very close to 1 psi for every mph you are traveling. Note exactly what the governor pressure does as you accelerate from a stop and then what it does when you slow down. It should go back to 0. If it stays up when you stop it will hold in a higher gear.



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'm not sure I can do this myself. Thanks for all your help. Should I go to my regular shop to get this looked at, or is this more specialized. If it is the governor, does the tranny have to come out, and what would the ballpark price and labor cost be etc. Thanks again.
It would probably be best to go to your dealer unless your regular shop is ok with internal transmission work. Many shops won't open up a trans, they would rather replace it instead. If it is just the governor the trans does not have to come out, the governor can be removed and rebuilt in 2-3 hours. As for price you would be looking at about 2-3 hours labor, the parts maybe $100-150.