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1999 Buick Regal: Now when the accelerating or going over 15 mph

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I have a 1999 Buick Regal and hit a pot hole pretty hard on the right side. Now when the accelerating or going over 15 mph the car wobbles and is now pretty unsafe to drive. What kind of damage might have been done and about how much would it cost to fix?

Hi Sebastien,


The chances are that you bent the lower control arm and ball joint and that the CV axle could have also been damaged. As you said, the tie rod also needs to be replaced.


It is also possible that the spindle, hub bearing and strut are also damaged but it is hard to tell without looking at it in person.


Without seeing it myself, I would guess that the parts would be about $500 and if you have to bring it to a shop, the labor could also be $500 too. The hub bearing and strut could cost more and either way you will need an alignment. Make sure to check the rack and pinion too.





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