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2007 audi a4: there a remote car starter made..convertible

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is there a remote car starter made for a 2007 audi a4 convertible? Winter is approaching and I was told that there isn't one ade for that vehicle.

There are a number of Remote Starts that will work with your car, the only problems will be finding a Reputable Installer / Shop that knows your vehicle. While it is somewhat a typical installation, your vehicle has a Transponder & you will probably have to use a Universal Transponder Box (lose a key), inwhich one of your Ignition Keys is put inside a small box & hidden under the dash with the Remote Start.
I like the OMEGA or MICRO ALARM products myself. They have proven to be the most reliable for me.

If you need a wiring chart, let me know & I can post it

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I know a reputable installer but I am also afraid of voiding a warrenty. Should I bring it to an audi dealer?

Audi Dealer would be my last resort....sorry........unless the Dealer has a Audi Parts Remote Start & they have installed before.
To many times have dealers called, because their Technician wasn't able to fully understand the install procedures & instructions. (not specifically Audi)

As far as Warranty, I would want to call Audi Service ( not the Dealer) to verify, but I have not heard of Warranty problems, unless there was a blatant mess up in the installation

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thanks ...can you post the wiring char?? Thanks !!

I usually compare 2 charts:
This is what I have: