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plymouth..spare tire until I heard clicking...then tried..assembly

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Hello...1998 Expresso Plymouth van....I lowered spare tire until I heard clicking...then tried for an hour to get tire off the lowering assembly.."can't figure it out".....used van without manual. HELP!!! PLEASE
Hi. You tried to crank the tire down and it didn't move when you cranked, correct? It is probably because the mechanism is rusted to the point it will not work any more. Try going under the van and pulling down on the tire while a helper cranks on the winch. If it won't come down you'll need to cut the cable to get the tire down and replace the spare tire winch.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hello...You misunderstood my question...I said: I "lowered spare tire" until I heard now the tire is as low as it can go.....BUT I can't get it off the stuff that lowered it......? thanks, Hondo
Ok, when you said it was clicking I thought you meant it was clicking when you were trying to lower it. I can't remember anything special about removing the tire from the cable once it was down. It may just be frozen to the wheel. I remember there was also a plastic holder that snapped onto the spare on some vehicles but can't remember how they work. There is nothing in the service manual on this. I can look at a van tomorrow and get back to you, but if you need an answer tonight I can opt out of the question and see if another expert will pick up on the question, but I can't gaurantee they will. Let me know what you would like to do.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks for your help...but I think I"ll give up on this and see what someone else says.

take care, Hondo

Ok. I'll opt out and see if anyone else has anything for you. I kind of doubt it, so I will check back in the morning, if nobody has gotten back to you I'll take a look at a van and let you know.