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98 chrysler sebring: 2.5L..v6 engine..have factory manual..distributor

Resolved Question:

98 chrysler sebring convertible with 2.5L v6 engine. will not start. have factory manual, it led me to replace distributor. It was a no spark situation, the book said to check continuity on a couple wires to distributor and replace distributor if continuity was good. still not start. replaced crank sensor. no start. bought a scanner at Schucks. says Automatic Shutdown Relay contol circuit problem, code 1388. manual says that the ASD relay is supposed to operate momentarily -- what the heck does that mean? I see the relay output is also giving a signal to the alternator field. I would think the ASD relay should be energized whenever the car is on. Is this correct? It is looking suspicious that the ASD contol circuit might really be at fault. Also, how does the signal from the cranksensor work with the cam sensor to determine engine position. Thank you -- problem has been more than I can handle so far
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  supertech replied 9 years ago.

Hi my name is John.


The ASD relay stay on when it find the signal from the crank postion sensor and the cam postion sensor,if it doesn't it shut off.


The crankshaft position sensor detects slots cut into the transmission driveplate extension. There are 3 sets of slots. Each set contains 4 slots, for a total of 12 slots timing slots Basic timing is set by the position of the last slot in each group. Once the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) senses the last slot, it determines crankshaft position (which piston will next be at TDC) from the camshaft position sensor input. The 4 pulses generated by the crankshaft position sensor represent the 69°, 49°, 29°, and 9° BTDC marks. It may take the PCM one engine revolution to determine crankshaft position


The PCM uses crankshaft position reference to determine injector sequence, ignition timing and the presence of misfire. Once the PCM determines crankshaft position, it begins energizing the injectors in sequence


The PCM determines fuel injection synchronization and cylinder identification from inputs provided by the camshaft position sensor and crankshaft position sensor. From the two inputs, the PCM determines crankshaft position.

The camshaft position sensor contains a hall effect device called a sync signal generator. This sync signal generator detects a rotating pulse ring (shutter) on the distributor shaft. The pulse ring rotates 180 through the sync signal generator. Its signal is used in conjunction with the crankshaft position sensor to differentiate between fuel injection and spark events. It is also used to synchronize the fuel injectors with their respective cylinders.

When the leading edge of the shutter enters the sync signal generator, the interruption of magnetic field causes the voltage to switch high. This causes a sync signal of approximately 5 volts.

When the trailing edge of the shutter leaves the sync signal generator, the change of magnetic field causes the sync signal voltage to switch low to 0 volts

Since the shutter rotates at half crankshaft speed, it may take 1 engine revolution during cranking for the PCM to determine the position of piston number 6.


Here how to test the ASD relay for that code.






On the clicking part of the test just have some one turn on the key while you have your hand on the relay and you will feel if it clicks.


Let me know if you need more.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.

thank you, XXXXX XXXXX give these steps a try. have done most of them already, may be a few more new.


still confused on the crank/cam sensor and the ASD relay.


if engine hasn't rotated yet should the ASD relay have energized?


sorry if this answer is in the procedures, it's late.



Expert:  supertech replied 9 years ago.




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