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2000 bonneville: abs light and brake light stays fine

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Just bought a 2000 bonneville.the ABS light and brake light stays on. They work fine, no problem at all. I just put break pads and got rotors turned. The lights were on before I ever did this. The sensors on the front looked good. Didnt see any broke or split wires that may cause it. Any info would help. Thanks
The bad thing about it is there is no way to get the codes out of that system without the use of a scantool... This is not the simple code reader that you can have AutoZone hook to your carfor free, to get the engine light codes.. This is a very expensive piece of diagnostic equipment that only a qualified professionla will have, and know how to use.

With the ABS light, you should take it to a reputable brake repair facility.
Wish I had better news but I don't design them, I only fix them.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you for your info. Since all seems to be workin fine,and has for awhile. In your your opinion,would it not hurt to let it go?
The only thing that will happen is the ABS system will not work. The normal basic brake system is still in good working order.. as long as the red brake light isn't on.. you really aren't in danger.

The only thing an ABS system does is pulse the pedal for you, and apply it to the wheels.. this way a wheel doesn't just lock up, sending you into a skid.

Just be careful on wet roads is all it means in plain english... but it needs to be tended to, because wer are coming up on the cold & rainy part of the year, anyways.
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