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I have a 06 Buick LaCrosse CX and it sounds like water is

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I have a '06 Buick LaCrosse CX and it sounds like water is running when I accelerate or make a right hand turn. This does not happen every time when I turn or take off

Hello mspowell. You sound like you have trapped condensation from the air conditioning system in the evaporator housing. See if the passenger floor board is wet. If it is, you need to open the drain for that housing. The drain is located on the firewall at the passenger side. It is located towards the bottom if the firewall and will either look like a round black tube sticking out or have a rubber boot that is slipped over it. You need to unclog it. If it has a rubber boot, pull the boot off and see if it drains. If you have the pipe without the boot, use something like a straw to probe into the hole. You don't want to use something that can damage the items inside the housing. Pursue this track and I think you are going to find your problem.


Your JA Expert,


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

My passenger side floor board is not wet and there are no signs of moisture in the cabin.

Does the swishing sound like it is in the dash board? How about when you start the car up first thing, do you hear the the sound of water running through pipes?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The sound does sound like it is behind my dash and behind my radio cluster and it does sound like water through pipes. It is not when I start up but when I start moving forward, again but not every time. It seems to be worse in the cold and does not always happen. It used to happen occasionally and was quite muffled. Now it happens much more often and even occurs at cruising speed from time to time which is a new occurrence. I looked for the evaporation drain and could not locate it. The only tubs I found under the passenger side were full of wires.
I would have to say by your description, that the cooling system may have some air trapped in it and the air gets settles in the heatercore. This unit is like a little radiator that is located in the air box behind your dash board. As you start driving the water pump starts circulating the coolant and pushes the air out of the heatercore, replacing it with coolant giving you the sound that you hear. I would have the engine double checked for a slight coolant leak that may have allowed the introduction of air. If none is found, I would have have the system professional topped off. We have devices that suck the air out of the system and allow coolant to flow into a system that is now in a vacuum. I think this is your problem and this will fix your problem.
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