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1995 GEO TRACKER, Will Not Fire or Start After NEW TIMING

Customer Question

1995 GEO TRACKER, Will Not Fire or Start After NEW TIMING BELT INSTALL. All POINTS at TDC Spark pLug at no. 1 Plug Tower, Fuel Delivery Fine Won't fire a Lick .Coil Fine Igniter Fine . Im thinking ECM has went out.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  BenzEliteTech replied 9 years ago.

hello! and thank you for using just answer. lets back up a bit. did u replace plugs or wires how would the firing order change? it is very rare for a computer to fail in most cars. with crank at tdc, cam gear on timing mark, and finally good compression it should start or at least try to. did u remove the distributor for any reason? at tdc compression stroke the rotor should be slightly off #1 cyl as ignition timing is never set to 0 degrees.have u changed ignition timing? have u tried turning distributor advancing timing trying to start or retarding timing and tying to start. if u have good compression at least 130 psi than belt timing is ok. recheck ur ignition timing. firing order goes in direction distributor rotation. when u do a compression test u should have all the spark plugs out so it can spin freely. u can look up firing order and the autozone web site. let me know what u find.


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hello: the Firing Order has not change. I changed plugs but tagged them one by one before removing them I did not remove distributor wires on distributor Top. Eccept the the Coil Wire for testing only later on though. I marked the # XXXXX plug tower on distributor before starting anything. The distributor rotor is slightly behind the #1 plug tower when Crank and Camshaft Gear time Marks are at TDC ( aligned ) slightly retarded. Yes , I have tried to advance and /or retard distributor timing when I had an assistant cranking over the engine. It had no bearing on the behavoir of the Engine firing IT justs cranks. I agree it should act like it wants to start atleast. The crank is at its 12:00 o'clock pointer position , Camshaft is at it's timing mark and Distributor rotor is slightly before the #1 plug tower with flange in the center as book shows. All this is true with the timing belt fully Installed and tensioned . I even hand cranked the Crankshaft bolt a couple revolutions to make sure that it didn't jump a tooth. Which is one revolution to the camshaft Spocket. 2 to 1 ratio. Distributor rotor rotation is Clockwise with firing order 1-3-4-2 . I will DOUBLE check Ignition timing. as you suggest ,But it is right on Point .
Expert:  BenzEliteTech replied 9 years ago.
normally there is a mark on the crank shaft gear that drives the timing belt and a mark on the timing cover indicating tdc.another way of setting tdc is to momentarily put the timing cover and crank pulley (harmonic balancer) and alight mark on balancer to 0 on timing cover (the plastic one covering the timing belt). and finally used in situation were timing marks are not apparent u can remove#1 spark plug insert a long screwdriver and rotating engine by hand slowly ensuring no binding happens. turn the motor until screwdriver stops going up find the spot in the middle were the screwdriver goes up clockwise then go counterclockwise until it starts coming down between up and down is tdc. at that point the timing mark on the cam pulley should align fine. number one should be marked on the distributor cap. since it rotates clockwise number 3 should be to the right on number 1 then to the right or number 3 is number 4 and to the right of number 4 is number 2 and cylinder numbers are 1 closest to crank pulley 2 is next then 3 and 4 is closest to transmission.keep me posted.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hello : back again. I know what you are talking about here. On the Crank Gear there is a Punch Mark for TDC that is to be lined up with the Pointer on the oil pump on this engine (It looks likes a sharp pencil head in appearance) thats on Point , the Camshaft timing Mark on the CAM Sporcket lines up with the back plate notch of the timing belt housing back plate this mounts on the front of the cylinder head with two bolts. There is a timing notch there for the purpose of timing they are lined up. The ignition timing is correct at the rotor to # XXXXX plug tower relation. I checked the #1 piston with a long screw driver the piston is up at TDC. The cylinder arrangement as you noted is #! close to crank #2 is next, # XXXXX is next #4 is last close to Transmission this I know . The Distributor rotor rotates Clockwise starting at #1 plug tower continuing to #3 then #4 then #2 in the Clockwise formation as was designed to do . I know this. creating the Firing ORDER 1-3-4-2 Proper. Compression is great for this year. But it will not fire or act like it wants to start. This is the First Engine that I have had that behaves this way. . I have done serveral Engines over the years But none that behaves like this one is. With all do respect the Engine should start or fire but wont. WHY!!! What is causing this . It just cranks. There is something causing this The engine was running fine before I changed the Timing Belt . The belt needed changed, it was showing signs of decay, so it had to be changed. But I didn't do anything out of ordinary that I wouldn't do on any other Engine needing a Timing belt replacement. Thank you for continueing to help me.