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Gmc: a sign of signal oof is shown, does the tinting affect the signal

Resolved Question:

hi , i have gmc denali 2008 , recently i made tinting of the windows with solar gard films, but on the screen a sign of signal oof is shown, does the tinting affect the signal, and what shall i do
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  John replied 8 years ago.

Hello denaliqr,

When you speak of the screen are you speaking of the one in the center of your dash?

In what mode does this "oof" come on the screen ?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

yes the one in the center of the dash, (the screen of the navigator and DVD...etc


when i turn the navigator on, a SIGN is shown on the screen that means the signal is off or there is no signal.

Expert:  John replied 8 years ago.

Ok,there is a problem with your window tint & the tint is blocking the GPS antenna.The only alternative that comes to mind is looking for an external GPS antenna &installing it with your system.

The GPS antenna is located in the upper center of the I/P. The GPS antenna is powered through the same coaxial cable used to send the signals to the NAV radio. Interference to the system may occur if any of the following exist:

Signals are obstructed by objects such as, tall buildings or trees.
Metallic objects located on the dashboard
Aftermarket glass tinting has been applied to the vehicles windshield.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

what do you mean by I/P.

shoul i remove the anterior or rear tint

Expert:  John replied 8 years ago.
IP refers to instrument panel.i would remove the tint so the system will operate as designed.
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