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202 I35: started making..noise coming..rattling..steady tapping sound)

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I have a 202 I35. It has recently started making a "rattling" noise coming from the engine. It sounds similar to stones rattling in a shaken tin can (it is not a steady tapping sound). After taking it to a mechanic, we found out it starts at 1500 rpm. The first thought was the timing chain, but the mechanic has not been able to isolate it to the chain, or the tensioner. He suggests replacing the tensioner anyway. Does this sound like the right choice?
Hi there!Does the noise ever go away?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Yes. It tends to be worse in the morning, then it would seem to go away by the time I got to work (20 minutes). However, we found that we could create it any time by revving the engin to 1500 rpm. We started at idle and slowly increased, and like clockwork it starts at 1500 rpm.
OK.I think your tech has a good plan.The tensioners use oil pressure for the pressure.If it is quieting down over time that usually indicates the oil pressure is building up.I think to be cautious he should remove the front cover and check the timing chain guides as well.I had a nissan 3.5 with a bad tensioner and once I opened it up there were more parts needed.It is a good plan and I think you should prepair for more parts being needed.Hope this helps!Please reply if needed.Thanks
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thanks. Is removing the front cover a big (e.g. expensive) job?
It is bigger then just removing the small cover that is over the tensioner.You can have him replace the tensioner and if the noise continues,don't drive the car.I would discuss this with him before you proceed.This way,if just the tensioner doesn't do the job,he might give you a break on labor to remove the cover.
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